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The Adidas Tour 360 XT Golf Shoe: Kickin' It on the Greens with Style and Swagger

Updated: Sep 10

The Adidas Tour 360 XT Golf Shoe

Hey golf enthusiasts, today we have the pleasure of finding out what makes the Adidas Tour 360 XT golf shoe tick and if it is the 'Real Deal'. One of the first thoughts that rang out was the pedigree - coming from one of the largest and most recognized sporting brands in the world, expectations were very high - yet somehow it oozes simplicity and looks uncomplicated.

Then there is the other matter - when you hit the golf course are you bothered about golf gear emulating your sleek 'course management' and 'shot selection' skills or just not bothered? Guess what? Either way, this shoe literally speaks from both sides of the same mouth - It's as if it can be complicated, yet plain and simple. That's where the Adidas Tour 360 XT Golf Shoe comes in, ready to take your game to a whole new level.

Adidas Tour 360 XT Golf Shoe - White/Bue

Let's see how this shoe can turn heads while you conquer the greens!

  1. Design and Construction: Dapper Meets Durability. Picture this: you're strutting down the fairway, and heads start turning. That's the power of the Adidas Tour 360 XT Golf Shoe. This bad boy combines sleek style with rugged construction. The premium leather upper, along with those slick synthetic overlays, makes it a durable companion for all your golfing adventures. Oh, and did we mention it's waterproof? No more soggy socks when the heavens decide to open up! Finally, dry feet!

  2. Comfort and Fit: Happy Feet, Happy Golfer. Playing golf is a marathon, not a sprint, my friends, especially if you make the mistake of having a golf-a-thon - think week-long vacation with daily rounds of golf and sometimes multiple daily rounds. That's where the Tour 360 XT excels, it is designed for ultimate comfort and can make extended golfing feel like a breeze. The Boost midsole is like a pillow for your feet, offering heavenly cushioning that keeps fatigue at bay. And let's not forget the 360Wrap technology that hugs your feet snugly, providing the stability you need without cramping your style. It's like a cozy bear hug for your precious toes!

  3. Performance on the Course: You would hope that with all that has been said about the Adidas Tour 360 XT Golf Shoe - does it unleash Your Inner Golfing Beast when its time to get down to business? The Adidas Tour 360 XT Golf Shoe means business when it comes to performance. The Torsion Tunnel gives your arches the support they need while maintaining flexibility, so you can unleash those killer swings with ease. Next is energy transfer. The X-Traxion outsole is like having grippy tentacles that keep you rooted to the ground. No slipping and sliding here, folks! The Boost cushioning and dual-density TPU outsole work together like a dynamic duo, delivering top-notch responsiveness and feeling almost like a second skin, easily feeling the ground beneath you, channeling that power, and letting those balls soar through the air like nobody's business. It's like having superpowers, but for golf - nothing beats having that level of confidence on the course!

  4. Durability and Longevity: Built to Last, Just Like Your Love for the Game. The Tour 360 XT isn't just a one-round wonder, my amigos. It's built to withstand all the challenges the golf course throws at you. The premium leather upper can handle scuffs, scrapes, and anything else the rough and tumble game of golf dishes out. And did we mention it's waterproof? Rain or shine, this shoe has got your back, keeping your feet dry and happy.

  5. Style and Versatility: Stepping Up Your Fashion Game. Who said golfing gear has to be boring? The Adidas Tour 360 XT Golf Shoe begs to differ. With its modern design and a range of eye-catching colors to choose from, you'll be the talk of the town on and off the course. No more hiding in the shadows, my friends. Step out with style, show off your personality, and make a statement that says, "I'm here to conquer the game!"

Adidas Tour 360 XT Golf Shoe - White/Blue/Red


  • Premium leather upper for a rich look, comfortable texture, and durability

  • Synthetic sole

  • Boost energized cushioning system

  • Climaproof all-weather technology for protection from rain, wind and snow

  • Advanced dual-density 8-cleat with CenTraXion for stability and grip

  • 360Wrap locks in and supports the foot for enhanced stability and a secure fit

  • Synthetic lining for reduced friction and maximum comfort

  • Fitfoam SlowRecovery PU sockliner contours for a custom fit and feel


Voila, there you have it, golf aficionados! The Adidas Tour 360 XT Golf Shoe is the key to unlocking your golfing prowess with a side of swag. With its sleek design, unbeatable comfort, top-notch performance, and durability that can weather any storm, it's a must-have in every golfer's arsenal.

So slip into these bad boys, turn heads on the course, and let your game speak for itself. The Adidas Tour 360 XT Golf Shoe is ready to take you on a wild golfing adventure filled with style, comfort, and a whole lot of swagger.
Get ready to conquer those greens like the golfing legend you were always meant to be!

Adidas Tour 360 XT Golf Shoe - White/Grey

Main materials: Leather upper / Textile lining / Synthetic outsole

The Adidas Tour 360 XT Golf Shoe is available in

  1. Core Black / Core Black / Silver Metallic

  2. Ftwr White / Collegiate Navy / Silver Metallic

  3. Ftwr White / Core Black / Scarlet

  4. Ftwr White / Ftwr White / Ftwr White

  5. Ftwr White / Silver Metallic / Dark Silver/Metallic

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OUR VERDICT – 4.8 out of 5

Support: 4.9 out of 5

Traction: 4.9 out of 5

Quality: 4.8 out of 5

Durability: 4.8 out of 5

Comfort: 4.7 out of 5

Style: 4.7 out of 5

Weight: 4.6 out of 5

Spikes: Yes

Laces: Yes

Water Resistant: Yes

Adidas Tour 360 XT Golf Shoe - Black

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